Jan 26, 2009

Summertime Fish Series

Back from holidays! Pics soon.Had the most awesome week down at Eden... as always you need never wonder WHY they named it as such

My new series are off to a flying start... mmmm make that a SWIMMING start. Am I PAINTING? YES I AM... I met some really inspiring artists... OH YES and was inspired by good old MUM and her beautiful work and picked up those brushes again...

"School" 30 x 30cm mixed media

I will be hanging a completely new series every two weeks at Braveo this year.

"Summertime Fish" 26th January to 8th February

Braveo, Glenrose Shopping Centre, Belrose

"We Meet" 240 x 40cm

"Pond Force" 40cm x 30cm

"Orange Fish"
20 x 30cm

lots more to see at Braveo :)

Coming next...

9th - 22nd February... "Thoughts of Sydney" impressionistic seascapes.

A collection of dreamy monochromatic paintings

inspired by my weekend urban hiking.

"Early Sunday" 260 x 60cm

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Megan P said...

Wow - wonderful images, looks like you are as prolific as ever.