Feb 14, 2010

Jan 26, 2009

Summertime Fish Series

Back from holidays! Pics soon.Had the most awesome week down at Eden... as always you need never wonder WHY they named it as such

My new series are off to a flying start... mmmm make that a SWIMMING start. Am I PAINTING? YES I AM... I met some really inspiring artists... OH YES and was inspired by good old MUM and her beautiful work and picked up those brushes again...

"School" 30 x 30cm mixed media

I will be hanging a completely new series every two weeks at Braveo this year.

"Summertime Fish" 26th January to 8th February

Braveo, Glenrose Shopping Centre, Belrose

"We Meet" 240 x 40cm

"Pond Force" 40cm x 30cm

"Orange Fish"
20 x 30cm

lots more to see at Braveo :)

Coming next...

9th - 22nd February... "Thoughts of Sydney" impressionistic seascapes.

A collection of dreamy monochromatic paintings

inspired by my weekend urban hiking.

"Early Sunday" 260 x 60cm

Jan 4, 2009

Green Army Guy Necklace... "But the flowers where beautiful"

"But the Flowers where Beautiful" assemblage necklace
This is an idea I've had kicking around in my head for a while.
Now I'm finally getting on top of my commission assemblage jewellery pieces, I'm finding a little extra time.
There is a little story behind him. He is inspired by a conversation... I will leave it to you.
PS I know all my jump rings are not sealed up yet... still playing :) BUt I THINK he is finished.

Dec 29, 2008

Under the Sea and through the woods...

New Work! It has been TERRIBLY hard to get new things finished. Christmas, WORK etc etc etc! I have a zillion pieces started as you do... Here are the first ones out the studio door this morning and going straight into Bavero today First in a fairy series...
"Rhoswen" the white rose fairy
30 x 25cm
I ADORE these mermaids... these are the start of a series as well
"Marina" the sea maiden
30 x 10cm
"Nerissa" daughter of the sea
30 x 10cm
and these are just so sweet! available individually
"Evie", "Clare" and "Cassie"
10 x 10cm I created all of these pieces by first cleaning up my found photo digitally, then collaging onto a painted deep canvas. I enhance each piece with my drawings, paint, oil pastels, found objects, papers and charms. No two would EVER be the same.

Dec 28, 2008

Celibate Rifles!

It's been a while... I had THE best night of 2008 at this gig last night. ALMOST didn't go... what is wrong with my friends tastes in music? At the last minute I thought... "Am I REALLY going to miss THIS!!?" and jumped in a cab and went. The guys where faultless... I danced like the remenant of a voodoo possessed doll circa 1981... ears rang all day today BUT it was downright bloody worth it! Here's the site... Go here http://www.celibaterifles.com/indexb.html
Biggest mistake? NOT TAKING MY CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am seriously going to grab one of those tiny models fast.
Support bands where pretty good... LOVED the rendition of Candy by Crazy Charlie.
Best moment of the night...
A clump of teenage 'dudes' going off at the front of the stage not only took up all available space but one constantly yelled out song title requests over the top of Damien Lovelocks' between song banter.
Damien threw this at the kid "What have you been to in your life? Four gigs maybe? You haven't earned the right to request f***en NOTHING Mate."
All us 'oldies' cheered him on with LOADS of laughter to boot... AWESOME stuff!!

Dec 26, 2008

Boxing Day - East Balmain Hike

This is a very nostalgic hiking spot for me. It's where I grew up. Paul loves going over there it was a real surprise for him the first time. He used to have that insular northern beaches belief that life and beauty ended at the toll gates of the Harbour Bridge!
So here we go...
There are loads of great hikes you can take, but today we parked in Darling Street and walked down to the water, then around the water to Birchgrove, then looped back to the start. 8km.
I adore the old wharves...
And how's this for a beautiful old church...
St Andrews
and here's a walk around... love those old cottages... when can I move in!!!?

Ok LESSON TIME...........THIS is a pub...

See it looks like it belongs in Sydney, Australia!~ it's not a Bali resort copy in the middle of suburbia!

BUSY BUSY... will update this post later today ;)

Dec 25, 2008

Christmas & New Years thingys...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Navman! my family gave me one for Chrissy. xx OK OK OK I admit I'm one of the very first to scoff them. But other than taxi drivers and couriers, I'm the only person I know that actually travels all over this city to different weird and actually VERY wonderful places every weekend. AND I'm the VERY VERY worse map reader since the Captain of the Titanic. So no more adding an extra hour hour to my ETA! I'll be on time and not frazzled. :) I think my last search for the gallery in Sutherland finished me off!! My junking trips should be much more fun now. Oh and finding carparking on my hikes looks like a breeze now too. mmmmm makes me remember the list... New Years Resolutions? The thing with me is, I'm terrible at lots of things in life but I've never broken a new years resolution, EVER. I'm not a goody two shoes it's just I'm very superstitious and I really think them through and set achievable goals. I believe that it's about being honest with yourself. So 2009 in no order... 1. GET THOSE HIKE JOURNALS DONE! Every weekend, rain or shine I spend most of one day on a 4 - 5 hour hike somewhere in Sydney. I've done most of them now but I'm terrible at getting all my notes, photos, sketches together. This year I'm doing it... AND blogging it all too. 2. BUILD UP! I so want to bulk up and build up and I'm doing it slowly but I am so stupidly scared of putting on fat. SOOOO I run far too much. Less running more weights! So it's stop worrying about what other people think and keep building up! I don't want to look like a stick insect I want to be fit and strong, to improve my boxing and push even more massive weights, not sit in a corner like a sickly looking skeleton with clothes falling off me. Start date of new training program? 1st jan! Bring it on :) 3. FINISH MY BOOK... or at least make a BIG dent in it! Ruby has got to get her act into gear this year :) I'm so happy when I'm in her world but life has kept me shut out this year. Goal: be ready to submit by end of 2010. 4. Keep the educational training path going. Boy did I let things slip this year in this area... have signed up for my first term classes and am pumped for it. 5. Spring Clean my life. This is the BIG one... I'm not listing it all here but in a nutshell? It's out with the going nowhere things, ideas and people and building up the positive, exuberant and energy giving. Merry Christmas, Happy new and I hope all your dreams and resolutions come to fruition!

Dec 20, 2008

Heart's Memory

Most exciting moment this week (maybe the month!) was hanging a new selection at Bavero and having someone buy one of my pieces before I could step away! I'm also LOVING meeting those who are interested in my work as the coffee shop is straight opposite the butcher shop I work in. My boss doesn't like it though! mmmmmm maybe I need to be a gallery gal not a butcher? So if you own a gallery and need someone who is great with people, arty, responsible, a hard worker AND can bone out a leg of lamb for you... let me know :)
Here's one of the new pieces at Bavero. I have a selection of assemblages and collages there at present and YES there are some paintings coming very soon. This week actually. Although I paint, MY heart is stuck on collage and assemblage. It really is the artform I have the very most fun with. I find it exciting and playful. This piece...
"Heart's Memory"
16 x 12 x 2 inches

sorry blurry pic... :(
And one of the new mini assemblages... Miniature Assemblage:
offered framed
unframed: 12 x 6 x 3cm
framed: 20cm x 14cm
mint tin, paint, adhesives, fork, spoon,wire, tile, shell, nails
$60 (framed)

Dec 17, 2008

Where's some new work?

Ok not just yet is the answer! I am overloaded with commissions for Christmas... so things are VERY hectic. But I can tell you what is about to come available this Sunday... 6 new 'fairy Alice' collages, 4 new mini tin assemblages, 2 large can assemblages and a brand new never seen collection of 8 mixed media paintings (fairy lovers watch out!). Oh and the first in my new pendant series (hint if you like those green army men, you are going to LOVE this!) All will be updated into my etsy shop and a selection will be displayed in Bravero, Glenrose (if you are in Sydney). Thanks for all the interest. I will post here all pics and info regarding the new work on Sunday.

Dec 6, 2008

Maddisons' Recent Artwork

My daughter Maddi also loves her art.
She is very keen on photography and is a Photoshop Wiz.
Nanna requested to see her latest things so here's a snapshot...
Surreal Seal...
Her Black and White version was a successful entry in the Mosman Photography Prize...
I love this one though...
This is one was painted this week and snapped up by my son for his bedroom. He actually has the largest art collection in the house! Jared has a keen interest in art and really likes his walls covered in it.
An environmental sculpture... I promise I'll get all the names of these pieces later today and edit this post...
She was selected to go on the Arthur Boyd Art Camp this year and this was her major work. It proved a bit of a problem but a great lesson in fact. Maddison LOVES abstract and pop art. She is also headstrong and a typical teenager. Everyone at the camp was encouraged to paint in Boyd style (pretty traditional landscape, slightly impressionist I suppose) ANYWAY Maddison was heavily into abstract this year and her vision was not a Boyd knock off...
She said that while it is true there are beautiful streams and typical Australian bush... the thing that surprised her was the large amount of farmland areas and in fact the lack of trees and the effect of humans on the bush they where there to paint...
This is the countryside as she experienced it...
And I LOVE it! She was disappointed as it was completely different to everyones' traditional paintings of streams and bush, she thought she had made a mistake, I say she was the only one who got it 'right'. She created a piece of artwork straight from her heart, she used her head as well in thinking about what she was painting and she employed her favoured style brilliantly.

Dec 1, 2008

"Wings of Friendship" Assemblage Necklace

Here we are!!!!! She got it today and I'm thrilled she loves it so much. It;s so cool when you meet someone that you can feel 100% no holds barred like yourself. So making this necklace was just so special for me.
"Wings of Friendship"
assemblage necklace: plastic wings, silver wired, fresh water pearls, bird charm, word charm, silk ribbon, cotton threads.
Friendship that starts with a laughter, connects with understanding and grows with care.
No phone calls, no girly lunches, but still it's there.
Anything really is possible.
LOOK Bunki YOU DO HAVE WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND WHOLE NEST of ideas waiting to hatch...

The tiny shell... we both live by the sea. Picture coming... :)

Shut your eyes and look into your heart... just let go and imagine THIS...

IT'S SUPPOSE TO BE FUN and IT'S NOT A COMPETITION... I think U told me these things, didn't you? BELIEVE IT Bunki and your little bird will fly free and happy write down your art dreams and wishes and pop them inside... keep them close to your heart... right, ok, really small writing... mmmmm maybe one word prompt? :) lock them with faith THAT YOU ARE AN ARTIST AND YOUR WORK IS WONDERFUL!
Inspired by pure and simple sweet friendship, born in an art class and grown with laughter...

Nov 30, 2008

End of Year Cadet Parade

Jared is a Warrant Officer now (yes we have TWO WO Darceys in this house now!). At his cadet Unit they where without any higher ranks so he was the highest ranked. The cool thing was, he was the one that yelled out all the commands at the parade. Am SERIOUSLY going to learn how to put video on my blog today and put a bit on here. He was SO GOOD I felt like I should of been snapping to attention! All he really wants to do though is be...
a Clearance Diver like Dad. Here he is with Dad and his Godfather, Nigel, a CD too. Well I'm happy that he knows what he wants to do and has a goal. The work experience last year at the Navy Dive School confirmed what he already had in his heart, he told me. He just wants to get in and do it and doesn't want to spend four years effectively at Uni. So ADFA is off... general entry and application to be a Clearance Diver is ON! :)
We love what Cadets has brought our Jared. He has the best time, going on Bivs (camping), he has been flying, gliding, yes shooting, travelled, learnt to teach courses and become a leader. I heard a very sobering statistic today... It costs the same to lock up ONE juvenile offender for a year as it does to support 300 Cadets for that period. We pay about $200 a year in fees but everything else, the uniform, EVERYTHING is paid for through the Defence Force. AND I am sure if you where struggling with fees there would be some avenue of help.
We see the benefits of his Cadet training in his attitudes and manner at school, at home, even on the football field.
AND I just want to say how appreciative I am of the adult leaders who make it all possible at these units. The commander at this one is awe inspiring. Greg is tireless and just wonderful!

Nov 29, 2008

The Sneek Peek

Ok another commission completed... I LOVED this adventure. I met this beautiful gal last year, she was my Bunki at an Art Workshop. She sent me a magic bag of treats and requested a necklace. The brief was "Use anything... but I REALLY want the plastic wings" AND YES I cringed when I first saw them. Oh don;t get me wrong I love them... but I couldn't right off SEE them in something. But then I played and I'm so happy as I adore the outcome. I will put all the photos up next week once she has the necklace. PS how awesome is E6000 glue? Just discovered it and it;s my new bff. AND discovered an AWESOME Beading Store here in Sydney. If you are in the area it REALLY is worth a visit... beautiful supplies (E6000 glue!) and wonderful helpful advice. Plus the store is just so nice to be in, it's beautiful. The Bead Master.

The Formal

In my day there where no 'formals'....... blah blah blah.
Oh I actually think it's pretty cool that the kids have formals these days.
Though I AM surprised that my son has a Year 11 formal next week.
Harbour Cruise! Blood hell lucky bugger!!!!! It's fancy dress and he is either going as Buzz Lightyear or Spiderman BECAUSE he has the body to pull it off and not look like a dork so I;ve been told. (He's 17)
But this week it was Year 10 Formal... Dinner and Dance at the Epping Club.
I have to shuffle through more photos as I can't get a clear one of THE necklace on her... it was a hit I'm happy to hear. BUT more importantly... Maddi had a wonderful time and she looked beautiful.
It's so very hard to look at her and realize that I left home at her age... she's my little girl and I'm one of those silly Mums who find it incredibly hard to accept she's growing up. But I'm very lucky as she really is all I could of wished and hoped for in a daughter. Beautiful, strong, smart and confident with such a caring nature. So headstrong but it's a trait I now appreciate as it will get her far in life.

Nov 22, 2008

Maddisons' Assemblage Formal Necklace

Sometimes they surprise you... It's Maddisons' Year 10 Formal next week and after weeks of shopping for a dress and bag... an after work dash to get the 'most awesome shoes in the universe'...
she came to me this week and said...
"the other thing I REALLY REALLY need is..."
I was ABOUT to cut her off with a tirade on money I'd already spent etc etc etc.
BUT I'm so glad I didn't because she melted my heart...
"What I really really need Mum if you can fit it in, is for you to make me a necklace. That would be so meaningful and besides I love them so much."
I cleared off my table and away I went yesterday.
AND here it is.
"The Winged Formal"
pendant: 10cm x 6cm
toy butterfly wings, playing card button, beads and crystal drops,
silver wire, chain & silk ribbon
Like me, Maddison has the Alice in Wonderland gene hence the card.
The butterfly is from a favourite childhood treasure she asked me to use from a Yowie (Kinder Surprise type thing)... the beads from some of her old jewellery and an old hair ribbon.
Bling that makes you smile. :)