Nov 22, 2008

Maddisons' Assemblage Formal Necklace

Sometimes they surprise you... It's Maddisons' Year 10 Formal next week and after weeks of shopping for a dress and bag... an after work dash to get the 'most awesome shoes in the universe'...
she came to me this week and said...
"the other thing I REALLY REALLY need is..."
I was ABOUT to cut her off with a tirade on money I'd already spent etc etc etc.
BUT I'm so glad I didn't because she melted my heart...
"What I really really need Mum if you can fit it in, is for you to make me a necklace. That would be so meaningful and besides I love them so much."
I cleared off my table and away I went yesterday.
AND here it is.
"The Winged Formal"
pendant: 10cm x 6cm
toy butterfly wings, playing card button, beads and crystal drops,
silver wire, chain & silk ribbon
Like me, Maddison has the Alice in Wonderland gene hence the card.
The butterfly is from a favourite childhood treasure she asked me to use from a Yowie (Kinder Surprise type thing)... the beads from some of her old jewellery and an old hair ribbon.
Bling that makes you smile. :)

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