Nov 29, 2008

The Formal

In my day there where no 'formals'....... blah blah blah.
Oh I actually think it's pretty cool that the kids have formals these days.
Though I AM surprised that my son has a Year 11 formal next week.
Harbour Cruise! Blood hell lucky bugger!!!!! It's fancy dress and he is either going as Buzz Lightyear or Spiderman BECAUSE he has the body to pull it off and not look like a dork so I;ve been told. (He's 17)
But this week it was Year 10 Formal... Dinner and Dance at the Epping Club.
I have to shuffle through more photos as I can't get a clear one of THE necklace on her... it was a hit I'm happy to hear. BUT more importantly... Maddi had a wonderful time and she looked beautiful.
It's so very hard to look at her and realize that I left home at her age... she's my little girl and I'm one of those silly Mums who find it incredibly hard to accept she's growing up. But I'm very lucky as she really is all I could of wished and hoped for in a daughter. Beautiful, strong, smart and confident with such a caring nature. So headstrong but it's a trait I now appreciate as it will get her far in life.

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