Dec 28, 2008

Celibate Rifles!

It's been a while... I had THE best night of 2008 at this gig last night. ALMOST didn't go... what is wrong with my friends tastes in music? At the last minute I thought... "Am I REALLY going to miss THIS!!?" and jumped in a cab and went. The guys where faultless... I danced like the remenant of a voodoo possessed doll circa 1981... ears rang all day today BUT it was downright bloody worth it! Here's the site... Go here
Biggest mistake? NOT TAKING MY CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am seriously going to grab one of those tiny models fast.
Support bands where pretty good... LOVED the rendition of Candy by Crazy Charlie.
Best moment of the night...
A clump of teenage 'dudes' going off at the front of the stage not only took up all available space but one constantly yelled out song title requests over the top of Damien Lovelocks' between song banter.
Damien threw this at the kid "What have you been to in your life? Four gigs maybe? You haven't earned the right to request f***en NOTHING Mate."
All us 'oldies' cheered him on with LOADS of laughter to boot... AWESOME stuff!!

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