Dec 29, 2008

Under the Sea and through the woods...

New Work! It has been TERRIBLY hard to get new things finished. Christmas, WORK etc etc etc! I have a zillion pieces started as you do... Here are the first ones out the studio door this morning and going straight into Bavero today First in a fairy series...
"Rhoswen" the white rose fairy
30 x 25cm
I ADORE these mermaids... these are the start of a series as well
"Marina" the sea maiden
30 x 10cm
"Nerissa" daughter of the sea
30 x 10cm
and these are just so sweet! available individually
"Evie", "Clare" and "Cassie"
10 x 10cm I created all of these pieces by first cleaning up my found photo digitally, then collaging onto a painted deep canvas. I enhance each piece with my drawings, paint, oil pastels, found objects, papers and charms. No two would EVER be the same.

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Angela Sargeant said...

Absolutely stunning. Marina and Nerissa are my favourites but so difficult to choose as all the mermaids are just gorgeous. Very inspiring.