Dec 25, 2008

Christmas & New Years thingys...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Navman! my family gave me one for Chrissy. xx OK OK OK I admit I'm one of the very first to scoff them. But other than taxi drivers and couriers, I'm the only person I know that actually travels all over this city to different weird and actually VERY wonderful places every weekend. AND I'm the VERY VERY worse map reader since the Captain of the Titanic. So no more adding an extra hour hour to my ETA! I'll be on time and not frazzled. :) I think my last search for the gallery in Sutherland finished me off!! My junking trips should be much more fun now. Oh and finding carparking on my hikes looks like a breeze now too. mmmmm makes me remember the list... New Years Resolutions? The thing with me is, I'm terrible at lots of things in life but I've never broken a new years resolution, EVER. I'm not a goody two shoes it's just I'm very superstitious and I really think them through and set achievable goals. I believe that it's about being honest with yourself. So 2009 in no order... 1. GET THOSE HIKE JOURNALS DONE! Every weekend, rain or shine I spend most of one day on a 4 - 5 hour hike somewhere in Sydney. I've done most of them now but I'm terrible at getting all my notes, photos, sketches together. This year I'm doing it... AND blogging it all too. 2. BUILD UP! I so want to bulk up and build up and I'm doing it slowly but I am so stupidly scared of putting on fat. SOOOO I run far too much. Less running more weights! So it's stop worrying about what other people think and keep building up! I don't want to look like a stick insect I want to be fit and strong, to improve my boxing and push even more massive weights, not sit in a corner like a sickly looking skeleton with clothes falling off me. Start date of new training program? 1st jan! Bring it on :) 3. FINISH MY BOOK... or at least make a BIG dent in it! Ruby has got to get her act into gear this year :) I'm so happy when I'm in her world but life has kept me shut out this year. Goal: be ready to submit by end of 2010. 4. Keep the educational training path going. Boy did I let things slip this year in this area... have signed up for my first term classes and am pumped for it. 5. Spring Clean my life. This is the BIG one... I'm not listing it all here but in a nutshell? It's out with the going nowhere things, ideas and people and building up the positive, exuberant and energy giving. Merry Christmas, Happy new and I hope all your dreams and resolutions come to fruition!

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