Dec 20, 2008

Heart's Memory

Most exciting moment this week (maybe the month!) was hanging a new selection at Bavero and having someone buy one of my pieces before I could step away! I'm also LOVING meeting those who are interested in my work as the coffee shop is straight opposite the butcher shop I work in. My boss doesn't like it though! mmmmmm maybe I need to be a gallery gal not a butcher? So if you own a gallery and need someone who is great with people, arty, responsible, a hard worker AND can bone out a leg of lamb for you... let me know :)
Here's one of the new pieces at Bavero. I have a selection of assemblages and collages there at present and YES there are some paintings coming very soon. This week actually. Although I paint, MY heart is stuck on collage and assemblage. It really is the artform I have the very most fun with. I find it exciting and playful. This piece...
"Heart's Memory"
16 x 12 x 2 inches

sorry blurry pic... :(
And one of the new mini assemblages... Miniature Assemblage:
offered framed
unframed: 12 x 6 x 3cm
framed: 20cm x 14cm
mint tin, paint, adhesives, fork, spoon,wire, tile, shell, nails
$60 (framed)

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