Dec 1, 2008

"Wings of Friendship" Assemblage Necklace

Here we are!!!!! She got it today and I'm thrilled she loves it so much. It;s so cool when you meet someone that you can feel 100% no holds barred like yourself. So making this necklace was just so special for me.
"Wings of Friendship"
assemblage necklace: plastic wings, silver wired, fresh water pearls, bird charm, word charm, silk ribbon, cotton threads.
Friendship that starts with a laughter, connects with understanding and grows with care.
No phone calls, no girly lunches, but still it's there.
Anything really is possible.
LOOK Bunki YOU DO HAVE WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND WHOLE NEST of ideas waiting to hatch...

The tiny shell... we both live by the sea. Picture coming... :)

Shut your eyes and look into your heart... just let go and imagine THIS...

IT'S SUPPOSE TO BE FUN and IT'S NOT A COMPETITION... I think U told me these things, didn't you? BELIEVE IT Bunki and your little bird will fly free and happy write down your art dreams and wishes and pop them inside... keep them close to your heart... right, ok, really small writing... mmmmm maybe one word prompt? :) lock them with faith THAT YOU ARE AN ARTIST AND YOUR WORK IS WONDERFUL!
Inspired by pure and simple sweet friendship, born in an art class and grown with laughter...

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