Nov 30, 2008

End of Year Cadet Parade

Jared is a Warrant Officer now (yes we have TWO WO Darceys in this house now!). At his cadet Unit they where without any higher ranks so he was the highest ranked. The cool thing was, he was the one that yelled out all the commands at the parade. Am SERIOUSLY going to learn how to put video on my blog today and put a bit on here. He was SO GOOD I felt like I should of been snapping to attention! All he really wants to do though is be...
a Clearance Diver like Dad. Here he is with Dad and his Godfather, Nigel, a CD too. Well I'm happy that he knows what he wants to do and has a goal. The work experience last year at the Navy Dive School confirmed what he already had in his heart, he told me. He just wants to get in and do it and doesn't want to spend four years effectively at Uni. So ADFA is off... general entry and application to be a Clearance Diver is ON! :)
We love what Cadets has brought our Jared. He has the best time, going on Bivs (camping), he has been flying, gliding, yes shooting, travelled, learnt to teach courses and become a leader. I heard a very sobering statistic today... It costs the same to lock up ONE juvenile offender for a year as it does to support 300 Cadets for that period. We pay about $200 a year in fees but everything else, the uniform, EVERYTHING is paid for through the Defence Force. AND I am sure if you where struggling with fees there would be some avenue of help.
We see the benefits of his Cadet training in his attitudes and manner at school, at home, even on the football field.
AND I just want to say how appreciative I am of the adult leaders who make it all possible at these units. The commander at this one is awe inspiring. Greg is tireless and just wonderful!

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