Nov 29, 2008

The Sneek Peek

Ok another commission completed... I LOVED this adventure. I met this beautiful gal last year, she was my Bunki at an Art Workshop. She sent me a magic bag of treats and requested a necklace. The brief was "Use anything... but I REALLY want the plastic wings" AND YES I cringed when I first saw them. Oh don;t get me wrong I love them... but I couldn't right off SEE them in something. But then I played and I'm so happy as I adore the outcome. I will put all the photos up next week once she has the necklace. PS how awesome is E6000 glue? Just discovered it and it;s my new bff. AND discovered an AWESOME Beading Store here in Sydney. If you are in the area it REALLY is worth a visit... beautiful supplies (E6000 glue!) and wonderful helpful advice. Plus the store is just so nice to be in, it's beautiful. The Bead Master.

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